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4 Nov 2005

Latin gems

Here are a couple of interesting Latin language gems I found. The first is a book at Google Print on Vulgar Latin. Vulgar Latin is the language that devolved from classical Latin which led to the modern Romance languages. This … Continue reading

22 Aug 2005

Radiohead studio blog

Radiohead are back in the studio and have been posting to a blog on their website. It’s a good read following each day as they get ready for another I’m sure to be brilliant album. http://www.radiohead.com/deadairspace/ Look, it’s Ed messing … Continue reading

28 Jun 2005

Instant Karma

The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that municipalities could seize land from one private landowner and give it to another private landowner under the Constitution’s eminent domain provision. The reasoning behind the ruling is that a shopping mall, for example, would … Continue reading