Dealing With Career Burnout

Have you noticed that you seem to get more stressed day by day as you go to work? You may feel mentally fried, physically exhausted and emotionally drained every time you walk into the office. These are all signs that something is wrong. You may be starting to suffer from career burnout.

For many people they think it’s a number of other things that may be causing this feeling. You can’t get sick feeling from work, can you? Yes, you can.

The first key to dealing with career burnout is knowing you have it.

Identifying Career Burnout

Stress and strain at work are part of career burnout. While you may say you always have a stressful job, you will know if it is going to a different level. Sure, all jobs have some level of stress, but usually you also have a feeling of reward and success you take away from the job as you deal with the stresses. Once you start to no longer care about the job, your accomplishments, or any of the rest of the positive things that are involved with your career, and you only have the negatives of stress and strain, you are on your way to career burnout. Eventually you will feel more and more helpless and irritable at work, no matter whether things are going well or not. Everything will frustrate you and you may even feel like you are trapped.

Many people deal with career burnout by trying to go overboard making themselves happy. Depending on a personality that could mean going on shopping sprees or doing a lot of drinking and partying.

At the other extreme, are those who are taken over by these feelings and never want to leave their home and are sleepy and depressed all of the time.

If something isn’t done, the burnout is not just going to impact your work, but also your family and any other relationships you have.

Treating Career Burnout

Once you have identified that you are suffering career burnout, it’s time to do something about it. There are three levels to this – mental health, body health, and work growth.

Janet Horton