Sequence Game Review

Sequence combines a rhythm game combat with roleplaying elements. It might not always beat the leaders of those genres but the combination makes for a fun and different game. More or less created by one, the game looks and feels very professional and moves smoothly.

Sequence tells the tale of Ky, who wakes up at the at the bottom of a tower without any recollections about how he got there. A lady comes on the intercom and explains how your life is in danger and you need to conquer 7 floors of increasingly harder enemies. After some wise cracking and a tutorial on how stuff works you get to the first floors safe room where you can combine items to create weapons or other vital equipment and set up your spells.

The combat moves quickly and makes for a hectic experience.

The game play is pretty advanced for being so simple and works great with a controller. You get three panels. One for defense, one for mana and one for spells. You can switch between the three with the shoulder buttons on the controller and use both the d-pad and the face buttons to hit the arrows in time with the music, like you do if you play DDR with a controller. I like the Frequency type system as I wish Harmonix made more games of that type. At the bottom you have a “spell wheel” that you can use with the analog sticks to choose an attack or spell. It takes some time to get used to while trying to time everything correctly but if you’re like me you’ll soon get the hang of it.

My main problem with this game is how hard it’s trying to be funny. It kinda feels like a badly acted comedy show that might get you to smile once in a while. There are a couple of characters that is actually quite funny but after a couple of minutes it wears on you. This might the only problem I have with the game and maybe you wont mind it so much. Check out this video Iridium Studios put out to get an idea of what kind of humor they got going on.

I don’t know where this plant kept the calender but it’s best not to question stuff like that.

The music is provided by Michael Wade Hamilton and Ronald Jenkees who I’ve been a fan of for some time now. I don’t even really like that kind of music but watching video of Jenkees going crazy is something I think everyone should do (btw, thanks to Ciro Esposito, a gaming expert from NZ for this video). The music doesn’t always lend itself to the “rhythm game” sections but a there’s a couple of times when it really nails what is going on musically. The art style is really great too and some of the backgrounds lend themselves nicely for background wallpapers. I just wish the developer had released some of them.

Sequence is, for me, one of those games that proves how awesome it is that indie developers have a place to put their games out. It’s a cheap, easy to like game that really stands out. It’s easy to see where they get some of the ideas from but they execute on it nicely. My only gripe with it, as mentioned above, is the humor that really doesn’t do anything for me. But I still find myself enjoying the game and I can’t really find any flaws with the game itself. I feel like it’s probably best with a controller and I’m glad they have that native controller support.

Janet Horton