Top 5 Teaching Short Term Certificate Programs

So, if you’re sitting on the fence about it, it’s time to jump to one side and make a choice. If you’re worried about the quality of online schools, don’t worry because there are institutes that are accredited as well. Here’s a list of the top 10 in no particular order.

Kaplan University offers education as one of their top courses. They give you free access to their online library when you enroll and they provide nothing less than the best for their students. Equipped with seminars, web boards, discussions, and forums, you would be able to interact with other students and exchange knowledge as well. At Kaplan, there is short course of 6 months to regular 4-year courses and accelerated programs as well.

The University of Phoenix offers all sorts of courses with education as well. They prepare students for the real world and require a 100-hour completion of fieldwork experience. Here they give you nothing less than top notch quality education and it’s all made available with the click of a mouse.

Liberty University Online is a great online education experience and is 100% Christian and practices good morals and ethics. Having served the community with distance learning since 1985, it’s has got over 90 specializations to offer students and have managed to reach about 50,000 students.

As education is conveyed via the internet, at Liberty, they make sure that each individual gets the attention they need and set up flexible one to ones to discuss education, spirituality, and personality. With open arms, they welcome military students and veterans as well and give them many discounts on fees and materials.

Grand Canyon University offers a wide range of courses taught by experts in the field who take the time to see that each student follows the lesson of the day. Using various methods, they keep classes interesting and provide a 16-week student teaching program to make sure that graduates are able to apply all that they have learned to the profession as well as giving them hands-on experience for a kick start to their career. However, to enroll here you must already have a degree as this isn’t a teaching school for basics.

The Nova Southern University uses general classroom theories to make distance learning no difference with an exception for the great time flexibility and lower cost. They use multi-dimensional block modules that make the learning process fun yet thoroughly educational.

The course involves a great deal of peer evaluation that encourages students to learn from their mistakes and learn to be fair and accept comments with an open mind and they also combine it with active videos and problem-solving methods.
In a nutshell, there are many online institutes you can enroll in to get an education that’s just as good as attending a class in a brick and mortar institute.

Janet Horton